The Speed of Lite

Litecash is the first fork of Beam. We removed the founder's reward and are 100% community funded.

Our mission is merchant & user adoption via mobile apps. This vision is detailed in the whitepaper.

Windows    Mojave   Linux
Easy To Use

Our wallet is designed to make it easy to send and receive CASH. We strive to make our user experience best in class.


Every transaction on Litecash is supported by confidential transactions to ensure maximum privacy.


Litecash is 100% community-funded. No VCs, foundation or corporation are involved.


Our lightweight implementation of Mimblewimble minimizes the amount of storage space and will allow mobile devices to run a full node.

No Founder's Reward

Like Dogecoin and Monero, we are 100% community funded. All of our block reward goes to miners.

ASIC Resistance

In the spirit of inclusion, Litecash intends to defend its ecosystem from ASIC manufacturers looking to monopolize our proof of work.

Equihash 150,5

Our hashing algo is unique to Litecash mining. We do not share this Equihash variant with any project.

Fast, Safe, & Private

We strive to provide the highest level of privacy available to your transactions. Your identity and amounts are protected.


Litecash (CASH) is available on TradeOgre - The World's Leading Digital Asset Trading Platform. BTC Trading Pair

Litecash (CASH) is also available on CITEX. BTC Trading Pair

Litecash (CASH) is also available on ViteX. BTC Trading Pair


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    Mobile App

    In accordance with our mission of real-world use via mobile, we have developed our mobile app to provide a seamless user experience.

    • Fast Transfer
    • Send CASH
    • Receive CASH
    • History & Activity
    • QR Codes

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